Ferguson Through The Eyes Of A Teenager

Transient Pictures followed teenager Shane Flowers as he weaved through the protests, attempting to let his voice be heard and fight for change with darkness slowly falling on Florissant Avenue. As he moves through the crowds, he hears differing opinions from other protesters on the best ways to fight for change.

2014 Logo Design Trends

No designer wants to be trendy. And the ones that do never rise to the top. Therefore, LogoLounge has provided a helpful report of what they see currently trending in the design world. Here’s what they say about the report:

“At the writing of this report there are more than 212,000 logo on the LogoLounge website, submitted from designers all over the world.

In studying these large collections, trends are noted. The intention of this report is to share with you what we see, not to make suggestions for what you should do. Often a trend we see may be an outgrowth of a direction identified in a previous report. Proof that the product of this industry is part of a healthy evolutionary cycle.

Perhaps the greatest value of these reports is to enable designers to map out the trajectory of specific styles, concepts, techniques and solutions. Once a chain of design evolution is identified, it is much simpler to forecast and design the next step in the sequence.”

Below are some examples of trends in logo designs:

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