Learning shouldn’t stop just because you almost have.

Conan continues Senior Tech Lessons, its series of satirical instructional videos hosted by an older gentleman named Bob, with a quick crash course on how to use Instagram.

When 96-year-old Fred saw a songwriting contest advertised in the paper he couldn’t help but write one for his wife who’d passed away only a month earlier.

Ben Affleck before he got the Batman movie job:

Batman Movie Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck after he got the Batman movie job:

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck when he told Matt Damon he got the Batman movie job:

Ben Affleck New Batman Movie

“One of the worst things you can do to your creatives, artists, and designers is treat them like plumbers, mechanics, and janitors, held to the expectations of magicians, wizards, and geniuses.”

Adam DeVarney


Above is a powerful video on the Boston Marathon events titled, “Five Days in April”.

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John Saddington asks you to dream about a world where you have “complete creative control and publishing freedom with the ability to publish filtered photos directly to your WordPress blog!”

Well, that dream will hopefully become a reality.

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