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A funny site that I stumbled upon today. They call their blog, “The Kinspiracy“, and it was created after they spent much time on Instagram where they discovered a pattern with Kinfolk. This is how they descibe it:

“A pattern quickly revealed itself: covers of Kinfolk Magazines, wood, American flags, lattes, and etcetera. These similarities popped up without even trying to look for them specifically. And so, a project was born. Not out of spite, but out of fascination with the redundancy of almost identical subject matter.”

Here are a couple of images from their Kinspiracy below:

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A Teenager’s View on Social Media

If you’re a parent or simply interested in how teenagers and young adults use Social Media? Check out this two part series written by Andrew Watts, a 19-year-old male attending The University of Texas at Austin.. He provides fascinating insights as a teenager and user of all things social media.

Here are some of my memorable quotes from his series:

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