Does riding trending global hashtags actually increase engagement?

Does riding trending global hashtags actually increase engagement? Is it really strategic marketing? With #WorldCup at full throttle these past few weeks, EncoreAlert did some research and this is what they found:

Truth #1: Go big or go home.

Halfway doesn’t cut it. The 8 companies with positive lift, on the other hand, were insightful, well-timed, and still brand-relevant while leveraging #WorldCup. On average, they saw an increase in engagement of 279%!

For instance, Castrol a brand who normally has less favorites and retweets (combined) than you can count on two hands, Castrol knocked it out of the park by tapping into what #WorldCup audiences truly want, football. They timed their tweets according to up-to-date game information, and utilized a popular brand ambassador. With 21,960% lift, no one can deny the accuracy behind Castrol #WorldCup strategic marketing.

Truth #2: Give ‘em what they want and you’ll get what you need.

The Takeaway

So, marketer, how can you harness the power of global Twitter trends?

1. Be informed — You can’t fake authentic knowledge. The best tweets capitalize on nuances (i.e. Luis Suarez chomping away) and not just the general concept (otherwise, you might strike the wrong tone). Commit to staying on top of your global Twitter trend.

2. Be timely. Be clever. Be brand-relevant.

3. Be on guard — Sometimes, the best ideas come from your fans- so keep listening and see if they’re making a connection you’re missing. Seize those opportunities and then show them some brand love!

I will say that these three ways to harness the power of global twitter trends sounds cliche, however, as social media continues to adapt and change, people who harness these fundamentals will be the ones who successfully execute their digital strategy.

You can also read the entire article here for more information.


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