Narcissistic Leaders

Recently, Dr. Diane Langberg lectured on the characteristics of narcissistic leaders and the temptations for systems to support them. Watch the series after the break…

Introduction and Assessment

narcissistic leaders and systems

Dr. Diane Langberg about narcissistic leaders and the systems that they inhabit, this part reviews the common features of both narcissistic individuals and narcissistic systems/organization.

Personal and System Vulnerability to Narcissists

Dr. Langberg explores some of our personal and system vulnerabilities that support and/or attract narcissistic leaders.

Counseling Work With Narcissists

In the fourth of five parts, Dr. Langberg explores how best to work with Narcissistic leaders. These recommendations and insights may be useful for counselors, mentors, or ministry board members seeking to engage someone with narcissistic features.

Narcissistic Leadership and the Leadership of Christ

Dr. Langberg reminds us to look to the leadership and character of Christ and to compare that to the leadership style and character of narcissistic leaders.

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