In the spirit of TED 2013, Mitch Joel shares 10 amazing TED Talks that have helped him think differently about what business can be, how to be a better leader, and how to become a better global citizen:

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battle lust

The natural man is in bondage to his lusts (Rom. 3:10–18), but at our conversion, because of our union with Christ, we are delivered from the dominion of lusts:

“Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body so that you obey its lusts, and do not go on presenting the members of your body to sin as instruments of unrighteousness; but present yourselves to God as those alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness to God. For sin shall not be master over you, for you are not under law but under grace” (6:12–14).

Dr. Joseph A. Pipa is president and professor of systematic and historical theology at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Greenville, South Carolina writes a helpful article based off the booklet Impure Lust, where John Flavel gave seven directions for dealing with lust:

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The documentary Downloaded is about the rise and fall of Napster, complete with plaid-heavy video of the young Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning.

Downloaded will premiere at the South By Southwest Film Festival on March 10.

national geographic tumblr

National Geographic this week unveiled a new Tumblr site devoted to showcasing some of the more obscure photos in its vast archive.

The Tumblr, titled Found, was launched in celebration of the magazine’s 125th anniversary. The photos published on Found cover a wide breadth of cultures and eras.

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Advertising Age has a breakdown of social media job titles, culled from 181,000 relevant Twitter bios.

Some of the more popular titles include:

  • Social Media Evangelist
  • Social Media Maven
  • Social Media Ninja
  • Social Media Guru

And most of these people all have over 18,000 users. What is more disturbing is that there are 174 users who are proud enough to include the phrase “social media whore” in their Twitter bio.

Has social media been around long enough for there to be “social media experts”?

Or perhaps they have to be a technologist with a background in sociology or behavioral studies, however, people who fit that description tend not to call themselves “social media experts.”

So when can we drop the phrase “social media“?

Is it true to say the internet doesn’t have social media, but the internet is social media?

Because the reality is that we can’t fully understand the internet without understanding its social components, or understand its social components without appreciating the larger context.

Social media is a small piece of a larger puzzle that makes up the internet, and it’s best we recognize that sooner rather than later.


It’s the number one topic for internet searches, but do we ever consider how pornography can have lasting neuroplastic effects? Discover the hard science behind the ‘porn epidemic’ – the internet’s drug of choice.

Pornography is a dangerous addiction and for the sake of your joy say no to pornography. You must be active in killing this sin before it kills you.

The Greatest Survival Story You’ve Never Heard


Brand New Music from The Postal Service!

“A Tattered Line of String” from The Postal Service’s 4/9/13 10th Anniversary Deluxe Reissue of Give Up.

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ash wednesday

This week at Sojourn we will observe Ash Wednesday with a service at 6:30am at each of our campuses. And one of the most common questions I hear from people about Sojourn is “Why do we observe Ash Wednesday?”

Therefore, I thought it would be appropriate to revisit some articles from Sojourn pastors, Daniel Montgomery and Mike Cosper, explaining why we observe Ash Wednesday at Sojourn:

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John Piper will be at Southern Seminary this week preaching at chapel and at the Resolute Conference on missions.

A while back, Timmy Brister shared the audio clip from the 1999 Mullins Lectures where John Piper warns seminarians about the dangers of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary:

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