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What You Share on Twitter Isn’t Seen By All Your Followers

It’s an interesting time in our culture where common conversation may include the question,

“Did you see what I posted on Twitter/Facebook today?”

The assumption is that our followers are viewing every single tweet or Facebook update that we post online. The reality is that whether you post on Facebook or Twitter very few of your followers actually see what you have posted.

From a digital and marketing perspective, there is so much noise in the social media world that it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for organizations and leaders to stand out from the crowd to be seen.

Recently, Facebook has been criticized by brands who have noticed that their posts have gotten less engagement than in the past. A common reaction is that Facebook’s news feed shouldn’t be artificially deciding what to show to a brand’s followers. “Just show everything, like Twitter does it,” is a general response from the public. However, we all know that if you’re not tuned in on Twitter to catch a particular tweet live, then you’ve missed it.

Twitter’s new analytics proves this notion that not everyone sees what post online. Just like Facebook, what you share on Twitter isn’t seen by all your followers. Below are some final thoughts that summarizes how to move forward with this new data:

“So the real takeaways for marketers are:

  1. Stop complaining that Facebook should change, because if it showed everything just like Twitter does, your impressions & engagement might not rise
  2. Make sure you do second-chance tweets and more, because most of your Twitter audience didn’t see what you shared the first time
  3. Consider more second-chance posts on Facebook, perhaps, because if most of your audience isn’t seeing posts the first time, you might not be losing much trying again.”

For more information read the full article here.

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