Raising Backyard Chickens for Dummies

The rising trend in Louisville, KY, is raising backyard chickens. Many of my friends have been able to successfully raise chickens and they love the benefits that come along with it despite the hard work.

Modern Farmer is a great site that has provided a helpful education on raising back yard chickens for dummies. Here is a list of you’ll learn:

    1. Get Plans for a Coop and Build It — Or Just Buy One
    2. Find and Get to Know A Local Chicken Expert
    3. At Least One of Your Chickens Will Die a Horrible Death
    4. You May Get a Rooster in the Bunch
    5. Your Chickens Will Not Lay Eggs When You Think They Should
    6. You Will Research What’s Wrong With Your Chickens Like You Would for Your Own Children
    7. Chickens Can Be Dirty and Smelly
    8. Chickens Can Feed You
    9. Watching Your Chickens Is a Zen Experience


I’d encourage you to read the full article and follow their blog since they provide great insight into being a modern farmer.

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